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Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is another major Rwandan safari destination. Nyungwe is a mountainous, forested protected area, south west of Rwanda touching and sharing border with Burundi.  Nyungwe forest is a rich drainage system and very vibrant ecosystem rich in tree and plant life. The forest is habitat to more than 75 mammal species (mostly small in size, shy nocturnal species), more than 300 bird species and notably 120 of these forest birds. For birding safaris into Rwanda, Nyungwe is an Important Bird Area and the ideal place to sight White bellied robin chat, Olive woodpecker, Rwenzori batis amongst other rarer to sight birds. Nyungwe is more popular for Rwanda safaris notably for the dozen primate species chimpanzee, Golden and Silver monkeys, Rwenzori colobus, Red tailed and other monkeys roaming the vast thick forest. Chimpanzee tracking ranks high amongst Rwanda safari activities and very popular on many travelers’ Rwanda tour calender.

Nyungwe is top of many bird watching safaris into Rwanda because of the forest bird species. There is a bridge suspended 70m from the ground in Nyungwe forest where canopy walk, a unique and popular tourism activity for better photography opportunities given a more clear view of forest top with rare birds and other wildlife species. Hiking the steep and rough Nyungwe landscape on tour of Rwanda attracts a big number of travellers while many others on safari into Rwanda take leisurely nature walks to explore and get more personal with beauty of Nyungwe wilderness.

 Charter flights from Kigali city to Nyungwe take less than an hour to land for Travelers on tour of Rwanda short on time and those with busier schedule. Otherwise, most travels take the averagely 6-hour road travel that brings the best of safari into Rwanda with many other attractions along the highway. There are not so many options for accommodation nearest to Nyungwe.

  • Nyungwe forest lodge
  • Nyungwe top view lodge
  • Gisakura guest house
  • Other travellers with strong love for urban lifestyle opt to spend nights close to the shores of Lake Kivu in Changugu town and other lakeside towns along the way to Volcanoes National Park.